Common Domain Name and Website Hosting Myths

Planning to start a new business? If yes, what you think about owning a domain name and website for your new business. Before getting on to it, there are certain things that have to be accounted for.

It is always a good choice to own a domain name and website for any business or even just for you. But before you are going with any purchases, it is very good to know how to choose the best web hosting. The myths of domain names and web hosting can adversely affect your purchasing. So, be aware of domain names and web hosting myths before you move on for any purchase. Read on more to get to know certain important points if you are the one not that technically inclined.

The Domain Name and Website Hosting Myths: All You Need to Know About

First of all, what is web hosting? Web hosting- allows individuals or organizations to launch, post or maintain articles on the website.
When it is web hosting, there are a great many providers all over the world and they provide a host of features at varying prices. For such services, there are some requirements and the hosting providers do overrate. Apart from all that the public has also got to know lots of misconceptions about the web, especially about the domain names.
Before you select the domain name provider and the hosting, make sure you have in mind that all hosts are not the same. This is also something like no things or person is the same. Be sure about checking certain necessary things before you consider purchasing.


Website Hosting and Its Myths

It is always good to have a responsive website that comes with the possibility of uploading content like pictures, music, video clips, and more.
When it is the hosting, no free hosting is good hosting. Be prepared in advance to get the pop-ups and advertisements on your website if you choose the free hosting. Also, in such kind of hosting you may have restrictions for uploading, traffic, and more.
So much budget-friendly hosting is available these days. Therefore, it is always better to choose and buy a good option that satisfies your needs. Many even think that cheap hosting is bad, but doing some research will help you in getting good ones for a reasonable price.
If you don’t have much knowledge about web hosting, choosing web hosting becomes difficult for you. Also, you may start thinking that the more features it has, the better it is for you.
There are certain factors meant for you to consider in any web hosting. However, many of the factors associated with web hosting are covered by myths and there are chances for it to mislead you.

Myth#1: The speed time of the website and the server response time doesn’t depend on
each other

The foremost thing is, checking the speed of the website. Making it fast is good if you are planning to have a good site that is well visited and makes your readers happy.
It is not just to make the visitors happy but even for the search engine to be happy. The simple reason behind this is that response time affects search engine ranking as well. Search engines love fast websites, so make sure you are careful about it when you are in the process of researching hosts.
You are wrong when you think that web hosting comes with nothing to do with the speed of the website. The response times of the server vary from hosting to hosting. You will end up choosing a hosting with the least response values.

Myth#2: It is possible to host a number of domains on a web hosting
One of the most important things that you have to consider is the number of domains you will be placed on your hosting. Unless it is permitted it is not easy to have multiple domains or websites on a web hosting.
There are some hosting plans and this allows users to keep only one website on it, but still, others will host several. In the early stage, one website on the hosting will be enough, but in the future adding multiple sites can allow you to leave space for expansion on hosting.

Myth#3: All web hosting is completely reliable
The next thing that you have to take care of is server reliability. It is critical to invest in hosting with reliable servers. If your server fails for just a couple of minutes every hour, your website can down up to two days a month.

The Domain Name and Its Myths

After making the right choice, you will have to select a domain name and this is not much difficult. The critical thing here is to select the one that is easy for you to remember and has a sound name. If you have done these, half the job is done. On your way of making a website, there are some myths about domain names, and some of them are listed below.

Myth#1: After registration one becomes the owner of the domain
There is always a misconception on domain ownership. The fact is, as long as you pay the domain restore charges, you remain its owner. You will have to pay for the use of the domain for a specific period and renewal is necessary if you need to use it for more time.

Myth#2: .com domain is a must to have your website on the web
Different types of domain extensions exist and are still evolving each year. People also seek these domain extensions for their domain names without any issues. Among all domain extensions, the one that has lots of trust and authority is .com.

Myth#3: Along with registering a domain you get a website
You have to purchase a web hosting plan from a hosting service provider once you have done registering a domain name. This is for storing and managing your website’s files on their server. This means that when you purchase your domain name, it does not include any website with it. On a conditional basis, some providers do offer domain names with web hosting.

The Bottom Line

The domain name and the web hosting is the secured place online. With this people can find you and engage with your brand. Both domain name and web hosting require utmost attention as it is important to you and others. Make sure you have complete knowledge of domain and web hosting as it is very vital before purchasing one.