List of Best Dedicated Hosting Server Providers

Choosing the right dedicated server to host the website is highly crucial, and it is a significant investment of both time and money. It is also vital that you choose the dedicated server that will offer you the good uptime, bandwidth, speed, security, and customer service that you need for your website. The website creators will have several options when you are choosing the dedicated servers.

To make the selection process easier, the expert has reviewed the most dedicated server to find the ones that come with the most secure data centres, most reliable uptimes, best customers, and the fastest SSD storage. Here are some of the best-dedicated hosting and server providers that you have to consider.

Liquid Web Dedicated Server Hosting

Liquid web is the other popular dedicated server hosting for high-end businesses ranging from managed WordPress, and WooCommerce plans to cloud VPS. The company’s dedicated offerings may look expensive, with the starting price being $199 per month, but the user can enjoy lots of benefits with the budget.
Even the cheapest dedicated server will include two speedy 240GB SSD drives. There is also a 1TB SATA backup drive offered, making it easy and convenient to have a regular backup for the website. The plan includes Liquid Web’s professional support team manages the dedicated IP dedicated servers.

BlueHost Dedicated Hosting

BlueHost is the capable hosting provider that will cram a huge range of features into all the products, from the most basic shared hosting plans to its enterprise-level cloud-based range. It is the dedicated server range that will start from less cost per month. These baseline products will also include the premium extras anywhere. The storage is extremely a crucial configurable factor.
Some servers will have four drive bays available, and these can be equipped with any mix of 1TB to 3TB SATA drives or even up to 120GB to 1TB SSDs. It is considered more flexible compared to several other providers. Put everything into BlueHoist dedicated range as the refreshingly honest. It will worth the price offering more benefits.

Hostgator Web Dedicated Hosting Plans

Hostgator is another well-known web hosting provider, and they are great with support and performance. Pricing for these hosting plans falls within some range as affordable. So, it becomes a great choice for the one who is looking for a higher-end plan with fewer expenses. Compared to earlier, there are some upgrades in terms of the bandwidth and storage from the Silver to Gold server plans.
The Gold server can be used for big databases, large SaaS companies, and virtualization on the website. If you opt for this, the experts would strongly recommend that you take advantage of the bundle pricing. The user can look at the value bundles and compare them to the specifications to choose the right one.

InMotionHosting Dedicated Hosting

It is one of the best choices for big sites with lots of demanding needs. Regardless of the best in resources and the power from your dedicated hosting, it is the choice you can have for the best results. It offers do not mess around the dedicated services options. The essential plans will give you 16 GB of memory, 15 TB of data transfer and 1 TB of the primary solid-state drive with five dedicated IP addresses and four CPU cores with eight threads.
The top of the line will offer the CC-2000 plan, and this is 16 times the RAM you can find in the essential package and octuplets the number of cores and the threads provided. If you opt for the services, take your time and find the heck of the deals in the right packages, but try to do some math to ensure the long-term cost is palatable. Plan for the best value and have the stable, capable host list immersed, especially the focus on continued with the site running more smoothly.

Ipage Dedicated Hosting

The dedicated hosting plans that Ipage offers will start at a fair price per month. Along with the great rate, you can also get good service. It works with you to create a dedicated hosting service that will be perfectly suited for the business’s exact specifications. The user can get the server location that will be close to any place. Ipage has its servers located in several countries in the world.
It has the most dedicated server choice on the list for those who like to choose among multiple-choice choices. It offers 5 GB of RAM and 5TB of bandwidth while the enterprise offers 16 GB of RAM and 15 TB of bandwidth, which will be ideal for the larger operation.

Greengeeks Dedicated Hosting

Greengeeks have the same features or performance as several other choices. It is the best choice when you want to choose the one for storage. With the fully managed server, 100% uptime guarantee and round the clock tech support, the basic is definitely covered. Here, you will have the option between two packages: enhanced and standard. The Standard will start from a fair price per month, and the user can also come with four cores with eight threads. It is a high price but keep in mind that each feature will double.

JustHost Dedicated Hosting


JustHost is one of the big or fancy dedicated hosting services. It has high-quality site speed. It will focus on speed and power. You will not have any problems with upgrading if the site struggles with lots of traffic or any other changes. With the completely managed servers, the user should always choose to sweat the tech.
For the basic package, the starter will take you the most impressive 1TB storage with RAID-10. Here, you will also get the four CPU with eight threads and 8GB DDR4 RAM, with plenty of space for everything on the site.

Final Thoughts

By now, you might have found the list of dedicated web hosting service providers you can consider for hosting your website. Having this list on your mind ensures you are choosing the right one considering your needs.