Best Ways to Select Web Hosting for WordPress Websites

WordPress is the content management system used to manage blogs and sites. It is open-source. WordPress is used to manage the blog, sites, and ventures. Millions of people read content and interact with the blog on WordPress. Without the most reliable WordPress web host, a high-performance experience could not be delivered. It is different from regular hosting as these web host is only going to host WordPress on the servers you use. This makes it helps to maintain security and optimize performance because only one type of platform running. So, if you want to practice WordPress, you need to invest in web hosting that is made especially for that platform.

How to select Best WordPress Web Hosting

To select the Best Web Hosting for WordPress Websites you must know the need for usage of your website. Choose a web host which specifically hosts WordPress sites. The servers for these hosting plans are specifically designed for WordPress. Everything about web hosting has been optimized for WordPress in ways that help to increase performance and minimizes crashes. There are different criteria for choosing a web host server for WordPress sites. Some of it is mentioned in the upcoming passage.

Shared vs Managed WordPress Hosting

For the most affordable option, shared WordPress hosting is the best choice. Shared WordPress hosting has the benefits of hosting at a very less price. Using shared hosting, you’ll have to do the updates to keep the site give better performance. If you don’t want to handle the maintenance of your Word press site, you can choose a managed hosting plan. Managed hosting will take care of many features that go into your WordPress site fast, secure, and easy to use. Managed hosting has core updates, Automated daily backups, on-demand backups, malware scanning, security updates, and premium support. It improves efficiency and makes the WordPress site faster. But one disadvantage in hosting plans is that cost is higher in managed hosting plans. Spending a little more money on managed hosting reduces the need for a developer. The customer service that comes along with managed WordPress hosting is an additional advantage. The ability to connect with an expert 24/7 support team minimizes problems and eliminates the need for a developer. The original managed hosting provider continues to satisfy their customers with good service. People are happy to pay a premium cost for high-performance hosting plans.

Traffic Volume

The second consideration is for your website. It depends upon how much traffic you are expecting. This answer is required to choose the type of WordPress hosting solution. A site that has about 5,000 visitors per month must have a separate plan from sites with 50,000 visitors per month. Plans that accommodate around 100,000 visitors per month won’t be suitable for blogs with millions of monthly visitors. Some providers give you the best suitable solution depending on the amount of traffic to your site. Many hosting providers give an approximate number based on the number of monthly visitors. Shared WordPress hosting services such as Bluehost don’t set any limits on traffic. It’s never unlimited though since there are the real limits of the shared server. If your site gets too much traffic, resources like CPU and memory usage will get suffer, which will cause problems for sites on the shared server. The other alternative could be VPS hosting for WordPress, which is hosted on a virtual private server. This separates your site from others on the same server, which gives more user control for your dedicated resources. VPS hosting will not be impacted by any traffic spikes and it can be a good option if you are comfortable with managing your WordPress backend. Sites like InMotion provides the Best option for scaling big.

Uptime and Speed

If your host is down, no one would be able to access a website. And obviously, you want your site running 24/7. Now, most web hosting providers offer a 99.99% network uptime guarantee. That means your website would go down very rarely. There are WordPress-specific tools that boost the speed of the site. Another thing to look for is a content delivery network that is for free with some of the plans. A CDN is used to store images, pages, and other assets across a network of shared servers around the globe. CDN will expand the speed and make your site more flexible. Bluehost adds a CDN with their WordPress hosting plan they offer. They all have very large uptime. Caching is one of the best ways to optimize WordPress sites because it delivers information. Hostgator assures around 99.9 percent uptime for their Single WordPress hosting plan. There are also others that provide around 99.9 percent uptime for every plan. HostGator provides the Most affordable option for startups


Good Customer Service will be required when something goes wrong. Especially if you’re new to websites, mistakes may lead to your website being down for a while. And the more time it takes, it will cost more. So a good support team will help you get the issues solved in a quick time. When something goes wrong on the WordPress site, support is required to resolve the problem. Getting proper timely and quality support is important for users. One of the benefits of WordPress hosting is that supports people understand plugins, themes, and other general site issues. Many providers are providing full-time support. You can always look for the company’s support team to go the extra mile to ensure everything is working perfectly.

Bottom line

Here are some of the best web host services for Word press sites

  • BlueHost is the best WordPress host for new websites
  • HostGator provides the Most affordable option for startups
  • Ipage provides the Best option for scaling big.
  • GreenGeeks is the Best for always-on support and is for managed WooCommerce hosting.
  • InMotion Hosting is the best for hosting multiple WordPress sites
  • Liquid Web is the best for upgrading from shared hosting